Yogi Talk

Yogi Talk.

As a yoga instructor, runner, swimmer, climber, former triathlon-doing-yogi…I am passionate about the importance of staying active. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel good after getting my body moving, and not just because I burn loads of calories doing it. For me it’s the mental game that keeps me dedicated to fitness on a daily basis. Perhaps that’s why I’m so attune to yoga, the practice of asanas (movements and poses) in combination with prana (breath). Yoga is so much more than just stretching and saying “Ohmmmm”, contrary to popular belief. It can be incredibly challenging on the muscles and lungs as well as the mind and spirit. Today, there are so many ways to do yoga that are fun and accessible. Classes are usually around from 45-90 minutes and are taught at all levels, ranges, and temperatures. There are loads of different kinds of teachers and practitioners; it’s all a question of finding what’s right for you.

Basic Yogi Poses

Basic Yogi Flow

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